WA ACCA is a mighty membership of HVAC/R contractors and suppliers across the state.  Our members, when called upon, make sure legislators and regulators know how their decisions impact our industry and our customers. They do this through meetings with legislators, emails, phone calls and testifying at hearings.

It is this action that is needed to ensure WA ACCA has a seat at the table and is able to get the attention of policy makers.

WA ACCA was a key player in the following legislative victories this last year:

  • Modifying HFC refrigerant legislation to make sure the industry could comply effectively
  • Making sure that heating and cooling services were not shut down during the COVID pandemic
  • Stopping natural gas bans in the Washington State Legislature and in local areas across the state

Our focused effort this next legislative session will be:

  • Allowing HVAC/R specialty electricians (06A/B) to connect the communication wire between the indoor and outdoor units of ductless mini split systems through a new bill we have created
  • Continuing to protect fuel choice for our customers by fighting against natural gas bans
  • Joining other associations to rally against anti-business bills